5 Ways to Cool-Down Air Conditioning Costs

What can you do today to reduce your air conditioning costs? While replacing an older or inefficient air conditioner is always the first step, there are several other things you can do that can give you a boost of cool and a lower cooling bill to boot.

#1: Add landscaping

All year long, your home’s landscaping can contribute to energy efficiency. The investment in shrubs and trees around the home’s exterior will provide shade and may cool much of the area by as much as ten degrees.

#2: Install a programmable thermostat

You can’t always be home to adjust the temperature but with a programmable thermostat, you can get a better level of protection. These thermostats allow you to control various areas of the home at various temperatures, reducing cooling based on your actual needs. Smart home systems can be even more valuable at doing this.

#3: Use a fan

Fans, even very basic ones, help improve the overall level of comfort in a space. Moving air feels cooler. Use fans in those rooms you spend a lot of time in. You may be able to raise your air conditioner one to three degrees by doing so.

#4: Use the exhaust fan in upper rooms

If the upper portion of your home is hotter, this can push air conditioners to work even more. Turning on a bathroom exhaust fan, though, helps. It will help to move hot air out of the upper floors of your home and allow cool air to flow more freely.

#5: Adjust your living habits

Spend more time in the basement. Grill outdoors whenever possible instead of turning on the oven or stove. Run a dehumidifier to remove the humidity in the space you are sitting in.

There are many ways you can reduce air conditioning costs without having to forgo using your air conditioner. When used properly, these methods can help you feel better all season.

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