Winter Furnace Maintenance

For procrastinators out there, it is now, more then ever, time for a furnace check up from your favorite HVAC company – Mr. Furnace. Michigan winter is here to stay, so avoid unpleasant surprises or costly furnace emergency service, and keep your home well heated through the winter with a comprehensive furnace check-up and maintenance.

Why is regular furnace maintenance important?

There are many reasons for not neglecting the annual inspection of your furnace.

  • Improperly maintained furnaces are a risk for your safety and for the integrity of your home – natural gas or carbon monoxide can leak into your house with potentially grave consequences
  • Hot water could leak from boilers and damage the integrity of your house
  • rusty burners and clogged pilots are common issues that could make your furnace stop when least convenient, not that being without heat in the Michigan cold is ever convenient
  • Dirty and clogged furnace parts or filters makes a furnace less efficient – the furnace will use more fuel and you will end up with high gas bills
  • A home without heat in the winter can result in expensive property damage due to frozen pipes, that may not even be covered by your homeowners insurance if you fail to properly maintain your heating equipment
  • If your furnace is still under warranty, it may void the warranty if you don’t have it periodically inspected regularly by a qualified technician

What happens exactly during the furnace inspection?

Our qualified technicians will verify all the important parts of the furnace, making sure that it works properly. They will:

  • Check for and eliminate any blockage or leakage in the vent system
  • Measure and analyze the combustion gases, to see if they fit the units technical specifications
  • Check the burners for proper ignition, debris and flame sense
  • Rust and corrosion inspection to heat exchanger, wiring and burners
  • Fresh air intake grills are cleaned up and the blockages are removed
  • Filters are checked, cleaned or replaced if necessary
  • The blower is checked for debris and cleaned

There’s no better time than today to set up your furnace check up and maintenance plan. As the weather gets colder, HVAC companies get busier and it’s more difficult to schedule at your convenience. Better now than at 2 am in a freezing house…

Mr Furnace checks and maintains all furnace and boiler brands and models, and provides HVAC services to the greater metro Detroit area – Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties. All work is performed by certified technicians to manufacturer specifications.

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