Can a Broken Furnace Contaminate the Air in Your Home?

The air quality inside a home can be as bad or worse than the polluted air outside, medical officials say. There are many things that can cause indoor pollution, and your furnace can be a major culprit.

Your furnace doesn't have to be "broken" in the sense of not working to cause problems and contaminate the air in your home. The furnace not being maintained properly can cause it to create more pollution than it would normally, and poor ventilation just makes it worse. Homes are sealed tight in the winter, not allowing cold air in, but that also does not allow pollutants to escape.

A heating system that is not properly maintained produce excess moisture in the air. The added humidity causes dust to build up and that can lead to the development of mold, which can cause a lot of health problems. Carpeting also acts as a magnet for dust, and if your furnace is making it too humid indoors, it can add to that problem.

Furnaces should also be well ventilated. Carbon is a natural by-product of furnaces, but if properly ventilated, those molecules are sent outside into the atmosphere. If they build up inside the home that can cause a serious health risk.

The problem is, it is hard to tell if this is happening. All it takes is  a rodent of some kind to build a nest in your ventilation system, or for there to be a blockage of some kind to develop. Experts recommend getting a carbon monoxide monitor to make sure you do not have a problem.

Changing filters regularly and making sure the furnace ventilation is working are the best things you can do to cut down on the ways a furnace can make you sick.

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