Do I Need A Heat Pump?

Heat Pumps are a cost-efficient, environment-friendly solution for heating/cooling residential or commercial buildings. Heat pumps rely on the thermal energy deposited in the ground for heating/cooling air and then release it inside the space that needs heating or cooling.

Heat pumps use less energy than conventional furnaces or AC systems. Trane Heat Pumps are high-quality products that help you create a comfortable environment in your house or commercial building with minimal costs.

Mr. Furnace, is an authorized Trane Heat Pump dealer.

We offer you the entire range of services for heat pumps:

  • Explaining you how heat pumps work, their pros and cons, how efficient they are and what it means for you to get one installed. (the work that will be done at the interior and the exterior or your building)
  • Identifying the type of heat pump that’s suitable for your building and your particular needs.
  • Checking your indoor hot/cold air distribution system and making the necessary adjustments and repairs that will insure the best degree of efficiency for the heat pump.
  • Installing the heat pump and all the accessories and making sure that the system is working properly.
  • Warranty and post-warranty service, maintenance and heat pump repair.

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