How to Choose a New Furnace

A new furnace or air conditioning system is generally a large investment. To get the best possible new furnace system for your particular needs and assure a comfortable environment for your family, employees or customers, there are many factors that need to be considered: size and thermal efficiency of your space, your heating and cooling costs, your budget, etc.

With the multitude of furnace brands, HVAC systems and heating & cooling companies, the task of choosing right system may prove daunting.

Finding the right size of furnace is crucial. The size of your furnace depends on the square footage of your home, levels, and other factors. Having a furnace that is too small won't be able to keep up with your heating demands, plus put way too much stress on the equipment. Having a furnace that is too big will cost you more up-front, and underperform its efficiency rating.

Efficiency rating is an important factor. As the higher the efficiency, the more costly the equipment, but provides more long-term energy savings. 

Quality of the equipment and warranty is a big deal, as you want to choose a furnace brand and HVAC installation technician that will properly install it and back up the equipment and labor with a warranty.

Price is probably the most important factor people consider. Make sure you consult with local heating installation contractors to price out furnaces. Make sure their price includes all costs, and there are no hidden overages that may pop up down the road. If you call Mr. Furnace for a free estimate, we can help start the process of finding the best option for you!

With Mr. Furnace there’s only one choice. You pick us, and we’ll do the rest: determine the best HVAC system for your place, the right brand, the correct unit size, approximate energy savings and work to assure your complete satisfaction.


How to choose a new furnace for your home