How To Prevent Carbon Monoxide Leaks In Your Furnace

As most know, Carbon Monoxide is a serious hazard that can be deadly. Because of this, putting precautions in place to prevent and detect carbon monoxide in your home is important. One very common way that carbon monoxide makes its way into homes is through gas furnaces.

When cracks appear in the heat exchanger and combustion chamber in the furnace, carbon monoxide can leak into your home. Make sure you follow these simple precautions to avoid any potential leaks:

1. Yearly furnace maintenance.

Call a professional HVAC company to perform yearly maintenance on your home as they are trained to properly clean the furnace, check for cracks and inspect for leaks that can be occurring within the furnace. With the serious potential for carbon monoxide leaks, if a repair needs to be done, do not wait or prolong the repair and do not attempt to make the repair yourself. As your furnace ages and is worn with usage, it is very important to have maintenance performed regularly.

2. Install carbon monoxide detectors in the home.

There are various models of carbon monoxide detectors to choose from that can detect the smallest trace of gas in the air. Installing a few around the home, near bedrooms is the best place to put these detectors.

3. Regularly replace the furnace air filter.

Check with your HVAC company or furnace instruction manual as to the right type of filter needed for optimal performance as well as how often you should be replacing the filter. Generally, a furnace filter will need to be replaced every 3 months.

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