Preparing Your A/C For Winter

When the colder months roll around, you have to consider closing up those things in the home that made you comfortable in the summer. By preparing your AC unit to make it through the winter, you know that when the hotter months come rolling back in, your until will be ready to go.

There are some steps you can take to winterize your AC unit to keep it functioning at its peak.

Turn the unit off

This should go without saying, but you want to turn the system off both inside and outside the home. This will ensure that it does not run when you don’t want it too. You don’t have to turn off the power to the unit entirely, just the units themselves.

Wipe it down

Wipe down the outside of the unit to remove debris or anything else that might be stuck to the outside of it. This will keep it clean and looking good for when the snow falls. It also makes sure that none of this stuff makes it way inside the unit.

Remove any water from inside

Remove the water that might be hiding on the inside of the unit. This water, if not removed, may freeze and cause further damage. This is one of the biggest steps that you don’t want to miss because this is what can damage the unit indefinitely.

Install pipe covers

There are covers made of foam that can go on the outside of the pipes to protect them and to reduce the chances of having them freeze. By installing these pipe covers, you’re preventing any issues from happening when the temperatures drop below freezing.

Cover the AC unit

Use a cover, either vinyl or plastic, the unit may have come with one, to cover the outside of it. This can protect it from having snow or other issues get into the inside of the unit and cause further damage. Make sure to secure the cover so it doesn’t blow away.

Check the AC unit once a week

It is important that the unit continues to stay covered and there is nothing that makes it way inside the unit. By going out and checking to make sure that it is secure, you are protecting the unit against further damage if something were to happen.

Now is the time to think about your central AC unit. You want to protect it, and you want to get it ready before the snow and cold weather hits. When you do this, you’re helping it last longer overall and are able to keep it in the best shape possible, which is always ideal.

Speaking with an AC company that can come out and provide this service is the best way to go about protecting your unit overall for when the snow hits. Contact a local professional today. They can provide insight on the steps needed to protect your AC unit for the winter months and provide winterization services on the unit.