Preparing Your Outside AC Unit For the Summer

Preparing Your Outside AC Unit For the Summer

Preparing your outside AC unit for summer enhances your unit's efficiency and performance throughout the hot season. This helps cool your home with less energy consumption, lowering your utility bills. At Mr. Furnace, we inspect air conditioning units, assist with repair and maintenance issues, and offer AC replacement to maximize your unit's potential. Here is how to get your AC unit ready for summer:

Clean the Condenser Unit

The condenser unit is the heart of your air conditioning unit. Inside it are coils that transfer heat from your house to outside through the outdoor unit. This transfer brings about a cool, conducive indoor atmosphere during hot seasons. Condenser coils can be clogged with debris like dirt, grime, and dust over time, impacting the heat transfer process.

Pre-summer cleaning of your condenser removes these blockages, improving airflow and heat transfer necessary for cooling. Professionals are best equipped to handle the cleaning process as it involves dealing with delicate parts. These parts can become damaged if handled without care and expertise. Mr. Furnace has a power washing system designed to achieve the coil manufacturer's cleaning standard specifications. Before the process begins, we turn off your AC unit's circuit breaker as a safety measure.

Our team will remove the AC grill and insert a hose nozzle to wash away debris on the fins and other parts of the unit. We then gently clean your unit's condenser coils using a coil brush or a vacuum's soft brush to avoid bending fins or damaging coils. If the damage is extreme, you may need an AC replacement unit to set you up for summer.

Check the Refrigerant Line Insulation

A refrigerant or coolant line is a thermal barrier that maintains the coolant's efficiency by maintaining an optimal temperature. It cools your home by absorbing heat and releasing it outside. Coolant lines can experience wear and tear over time, affecting insulation. Damaged insulation lines overwork your AC unit, leading to increased energy consumption. If the refrigerant's temperature is off, you may experience inefficient cooling in your house since it cannot absorb heat. Our qualified technicians can check if any areas of your unit are experiencing frayed insulation and wrap the refrigerant line with insulation tape or replace it.

Clean Air Filters

Air filters trap debris and dust that may compromise the quality of your indoor air and AC system. Prolonged build-up of materials on the filters creates a barrier that causes your system to use a large amount of energy when regulating temperatures. This overexertion can reduce your unit's cooling efficiency and its lifespan. Signs that your air filters could be blocked and need attention include increased dust in your home, reduced airflow, or a sudden increase in energy bills. At Mr. Furnace, we assess the condition of your system's air filters and advise you on the best course of action. We will gently clean the filter using a soft brush, or if it is damaged beyond repair, we will replace it. 

Check the Blower Belt

An air conditioner's belt connects the blower to the motor, allowing cool air to circulate in your house. It may become worn out over time due to wear and tear and can disrupt your unit's operations. Improper tension, misaligned pulleys, and exposure to contaminants like dust and dirt can also damage the belt. Look out for unusual noises, reduced airflow, and a lack of cool air in your home, as they may indicate a broken or loose belt in your AC unit.

Our experienced technicians thoroughly inspect pulleys and belts in your unit to determine if they are misaligned or damaged. They will replace the worn-out belt to restore your system's performance. They are also able to conduct a general inspection to prevent future belt mishaps.

Seek Professional AC Replacement Services

An optimally functioning air conditioner maintains a cooler indoor temperature, protecting your household against the summer heat. Invest in pre-summer maintenance to make sure all your unit’s components are functioning properly and efficiently. 

Mr. Furnace provides pre-summer low-cost servicing for your air conditioner to make sure it maintains optimal cooling efficiency. We offer 24/7 services, so reach out to us at anytime for quality AC replacement, maintenance, and installation services.  Contact us to get a free estimate for your home cooling needs.