Should I DIY my HVAC Or Hire a Contractor?

Knowing when to hire a professional is key when it comes to home maintenance. There are some things that most homeowners can do on their own, but there are other things that require the skill of a professional.

Your HVAC system or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is one of the largest and most complicated systems in your home if you are like most homeowners. It is also one of the most vital systems in your home. After all, you want it to be functioning properly when the temperatures drop into single digits outside or when they reach close to the 100s in the summer.

As HVAC systems are vital, they require pretty frequent upkeep and maintenance. You might be wondering if you can save yourself some dough by completing basic tasks maintenance tasks yourself. This, of course, will depend upon your skill level and the tools that you have access to but there are generally some jobs that most homeowners can perform and others that should only be done by a professional. So, which ones can you do yourself? Here is a general list:

  • Changing Filters
  • Replace thermostat batteries
  • Check the base pan and clean up any debris
  • Trim vegetation away from your outdoor unit

The above tasks are pretty basic and can be handled safely by most people. There are some other tasks that require a professional as they might provide to be dangerous or require special permits, licenses, and tools. Certain repairs must be performed by a professional to avoid damage to the unit, as well. The tasks that should be performed by a Heating Contractor include:

  • Annual preventative maintenance-Many manufacturers require maintenance to be performed by a professional otherwise you risk voiding your warranty.
  • Refrigerant leaks-If you suspect a leak, call in the pros.
  • Motor not running-This is another issue best left to a professional to repair.

If you have a broken furnace and are in need of a repair, contact the experts at Mr. Furnace today!