Sounds That Signal Furnace Failure

Your furnace is a very important part of your home and knowing what sounds signal the need to have it worked on is a great way to make sure you are going to have a working furnace no matter what. There are three sounds to look for and knowing how to identify them is the first step.

Banging is the first sound to watch for. If you hear banging and clanging it can signal the end of your furnace. Generally when you hear banging it signals that your furnace is working harder than it should have to which means that it may be going to quit on you. Banging is generally any loud noise that is out of the ordinary. In some cases this may be a new system breaking in but in most cases it is a system that is under too much strain and is ready to quit.

Popping is again a sign that your furnace is working harder than it should be. Popping may signify that your burners are dirty or that they are taking longer to ignite than they should be. This can be a sign of a furnace that is on its way out. If your furnace is popping you should call and have someone check it out immediately as it may become a fire hazard.

Scraping or metal on metal can mean that your furnace fan or other internal parts have come loose and are now rubbing against one another on the inside of the furnace. Not only is this horrible for the furnace, it can also be a hazard to the safety of your home. If you hear your furnace making this type of noise you should turn it off immediately so that no further damage is done and you should call a repair company as quickly as possible.

Your furnace may make noise from time to time, it is important that you know what sounds those indicate. For expert assessment, contact Mr. Furnace today. A heating contractor will be able to properly assess your furnace and provide appropriate recommendations or solutions to fix or replace your furnace.