Sounds That Signal Your AC Unit Is Failing

An air conditioner will typically make tell-tale signs when it is no longer functioning properly. Being familiar with these sounds is important if you want to keep your air conditioner functioning properly when you need it; it also helps you prevent further damage to your unit by being aware of when there is a malfunction that could worsen, detract from efficiency, and possible eventually destroy the air conditioner if it is not repaired.

The following are some commonly heard abnormal sounds an air conditioner could make that indicate that it either needs to stop running immediately or be looked at by a technician as soon as possible:

High-pitched hissing- An air conditioner unit can sometimes make a high-pitched hissing sound that sounds almost like a scream if there is a problem with the compressor. This could indicate high pressure in the compressor that could not only destroy your air conditioner, but can also create a safety hazard. When there are high-pressure problems in the compressor, this sound will typically be heard briefly when the AC unit is first turned on.
Screeching- If your air conditioner makes a screeching sound like metal scraping against metal, your air conditioner may have a problem with its fan motor. It's important to get your air conditioner fixed as soon as possible if you have this type of problem because a malfunctioning fan motor can drastically detract from efficiency.
Clicking- A clicking sound often indicates an obstruction in the fan that needs to be removed.
Squealing- This type of sound could indicate a fan belt that has gotten out of alignment. If you continue to run your air conditioner despite such a problem, your fan belt could break and leave you altogether without air conditioning.

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