The Early Signs of a Failing Furnace

During the colder months, thousands of Michigan residents will be calling a heating contractor for heating service. Whether it’s in a residential or commercial setting, a broken furnace is plagued by the same set of basic problems. When you know what the most common furnace problems are, you can proactively prevent them.

24 hour furnace repair

  1. Lack of maintenance. Ideally, you should schedule an annual furnace maintenance and inspection once a year, which prevents unexpected breakdowns and problems. Regular inspections will also assist your home’s heating system in running more reliably and efficiently. 
  2. Dirty and clogged filters. Clogged or dirty filters reduce airflow, which requires your furnace to work harder in order to circulate air. In more serious cases, a clogged air filter will cause damage to the limit switch, which is responsible for controlling the fan. 
  3. Normal wear and tear. Even normal wear and tear can create airflow problems, overheating, or heat control related problems. This is particularly true for older heating systems and furnaces. 
  4. Too much noise. Rattling, squeaking, or rumbling is not normal. These sounds could be indicative of a clogged burner, reduction in airflow, or some type of mechanical problem.
  5. Pilot control or electric ignition problems. A faulty pilot or ignition can make it quite difficult to efficiently heat your home. An unlit pilot light can result from clogs, drafts, or thermocouple problems. 

If you believe that your broken furnace is in need of repair, look to the experts at Mr. Furnace. Regardless of your furnace’s age, it can pose gas or combustion related hazards, so it is always best to call a skilled heating repair company to ensure that you don’t put anyone's health at risk. No matter what your heating needs are, we’re ready to help, so contact us today!