When Should You Make a Call for Furnace Repair?

During the bitter cold of the winter months, it’s important to have a properly working furnace that will keep your home nice and toasty. A furnace is an incredibly complex piece of machinery, and many components need to be working together to keep your house warm. When a furnace starts to fail, there will be a few warning signs that can give you early notice.

24 hour furnace repairIt’s important to keep an eye out for these so that you can contact a heating contractor to inspect the furnace and make any necessary repairs.

Irregular Blowing

A properly working furnace will heat your home with steady, continuous blowing of warm air. This should continue unabated until your home reaches the desired temperature on your thermostat. However, if your furnace is starting to go out, the blower will begin to cut out before reaching the desired temperature. This is a sure sign that you’ll need to contact a furnace repair expert before the entire system fails.

Keep an Ear Out

Strange knocking or other irregular noises coming from your furnace can indicate a system on the verge of failure. Make sure to give your furnace a listen when it’s running a few times every winter, to ensure that there are no threatening noises coming from within.

Strange Smells

If you start smelling odd odors coming from your heating registers, this could be a sign of a system on the brink. Make sure to pay attention to odd smells that could be emanating from your furnaces.

A reliable heating system is the heart of a happy home. If your furnace is starting to show warning signs or problematic behavior, or if you’re just in need of a yearly tune-up, Mr. Furnace has the expertise and experience you need to keep your heating system running at top efficiency. Contact us today for a free estimate!