Mini-Split HVAC Systems

A ductless heating and cooling solution that provides versatile comfort in any space

For spaces that can't accommodate your typical duct work, high-tech mini-split systems from Trane are the perfect solution for versatile, efficient comfort. Mini-split units can be installed anywhere you need "zoned" heating or air conditioning, perfect for that new addition, garage, or any space requiring optimal comfort, minus the bulky duct work. 

Trane mini-split systems consist of an outdoor condensor and an indoor evaporator that mounts on any wall. The outdoor unit provides heated or conditioned air to the indoor unit, that distributes the air throughout your space, controlled right at your fingertips from your smartphone.

Consider the many benefits of having a mini-split HVAC system installed in your home or office:

Ductless mini-split systems in Macomb County

  • Retrofit a house that doesn’t have a ducted system or where the central system is already at capacity.
  • Not relying on clunky duct work means very little heating/cooling loss during operation, equating to much better energy savings.
  • Bring efficient, economical comfort to new room additions.
  • Provide spot heating and cooling that operates independently of the central system.
  • Customize multi-split systems to supply flexible and cost effective zoning solutions.
  • Utilize ductless efficiency for new construction projects where ductless systems make more sense than a traditional ducted system.
  • Trane Ductless Systems offer flexibility in design and provide efficiency and economy with two simple components – an outdoor unit and one or more stylish, low-profile, indoor units. All built with Trane’s legendary reliability and innovative thinking.

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Trane mini-split systems Macomb County

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